Birds In Focus 

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Photographs added to Birds in Focus this month:

White-cheeked Pintail White-cheeked Pintail Western Spindalis Western Grebe Tricolored Heron Thick-billed Vireo Stilt Sandpiper Smooth-billed Ani Say's Phoebe Red-legged Thrush Red-eyed Vireo Polynesian Triller Plumbeous Warbler Plumbeous Warbler Plumbeous Warbler Phainopepla Peale's Imperial-Pigeon Pacific Kingfisher Olive-capped Warbler Mangrove Cuckoo Loggerhead Kingbird Lesser Goldfinch Lesser Antillean Pewee Greater Antillean Bullfinch Golden Dove Gambel's Quail Franklin's Gull Franklin's Gull Franklin's Gull Forest Thrush Forest Thrush Fiji Woodswallow Eastern Towhee Collared Lory Collared Lory Collared Lory Clapper Rail Caribbean Elaenia Brown Trembler Brown Trembler Black-faced Grassquit Black-faced Grassquit Black-and-white Warbler Black Phoebe Bahama Yellowthroat Bahama Warbler Bahama Warbler Bahama Warbler Cuban Parrot Cuban Parrot Antillean Crested Hummingbird American Coot

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