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This Day In History
Time travel with Birds In Focus and enjoy these photos taken over the years on May 3.

(Come back each day for a new foray into the past!)

May 3, 2022 - United States
Grace's Warbler Green-tailed Towhee Green-tailed Towhee
Green-tailed Towhee Hammond's Flycatcher Painted Redstart
Painted Redstart Pygmy Nuthatch Pygmy Nuthatch
Virginia's Warbler Virginia's Warbler Western Bluebird
Western Bluebird Western Bluebird Western Bluebird
Western Tanager Western Bluebird Painted Redstart
Grace's Warbler Olive Warbler

May 3, 2021 - United States
Ruddy Turnstone

May 3, 2020 - United States
Barred Owl Chestnut-sided Warbler Chestnut-sided Warbler
Common Yellowthroat Downy Woodpecker

May 3, 2019 - United States
Black-whiskered Vireo Prairie Warbler

May 3, 2017 - Saint Lucia
Red-billed Tropicbird Green-throated Carib St. Lucia Oriole
Lesser Antillean Bullfinch St. Lucia Warbler

May 3, 2015 - United States
Spotted Towhee Eared Grebe White-throated Swift
Juniper Titmouse

May 3, 2014 - United States
Mangrove Cuckoo Common Loon Common Loon

May 3, 2013 - United States
Laughing Gull Brown Pelican Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican Eastern Wood-Pewee Great Crested Flycatcher
Great Crested Flycatcher Great-tailed Grackle

May 3, 2012 - United States
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Bald Eagle

May 3, 2011 - United States
Eastern Bluebird

May 3, 2010 - United States
Cliff Swallow Bank Swallow

May 3, 2008 - United States
Red Knot Red Knot Ruddy Turnstone
Snowy Plover American Avocet Western Sandpiper
Fish Crow Eared Grebe Snowy Egret
American Avocet American Avocet Black-necked Stilt
Sanderling Semipalmated Sandpiper White-rumped Sandpiper
Red-winged Blackbird Red-winged Blackbird Red-winged Blackbird
Red-winged Blackbird Sanderling

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