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Taxonomy: Order Accipitriformes >> Family Accipitridae >> Genus Buteo

Rough-legged Hawk (Unique ID: 997)
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Species: Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus)
Location: ---, Douglas County, Kansas, United States
Age: adult     Plumage: basic/year-round     Activity: flying
Sex: ---     Visibility: full body     Quantity: single
Photographer: David Seibel     Date: December 19, 2005
Equipment: Canon EOS 20D and Canon 500mm f/4L IS     Megapixels: 3.1

Notes: This bird has apparently taken up residence for the winter in the remnant prairie in southern Douglas County, Kansas. I'd seen it on both of my previous visits in November and December as I searched unsuccessfully for Short-eared Owls. Unlike Red-tailed Hawks, this bird typically sits on small branches in the top of a tree some distance away from the road. It seems very wary, usually flying away immediately if I even slow down my car, but I captured this image just after dawn when the temperature was about zero degrees Fahrenheit, and the bird didn't seem to be in as big a hurry to move.

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Rough-legged Hawk


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