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Location: Chongoyape

White-winged Guanborder= White-winged Guanborder= White-winged Guanborder= White-winged Guanborder=
Croaking Ground Doveborder= West Peruvian Doveborder= Purple-collared Woodstarborder= Tumbes Hummingbirdborder=
Black Vultureborder= Collared Antshrikeborder= Elegant Crescentchestborder= Elegant Crescentchestborder=
Elegant Crescentchestborder= Pale-legged Horneroborder= Black-and-white Becardborder= Gray-and-white Tyrannuletborder=
Tumbes Tyrantborder= Tumbes Tyrantborder= Rufous Flycatcherborder= Baird's Flycatcherborder=
Tropical Kingbirdborder= White-tailed Jayborder= Long-tailed Mockingbirdborder= Long-tailed Mockingbirdborder=
Peruvian Meadowlarkborder= Parrot-billed Seedeaterborder= Bananaquitborder= Black-cowled Saltatorborder=

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