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Location: Porto Jofre

Southern Screamerborder= Southern Screamerborder= Southern Screamerborder= Chaco Chachalacaborder=
Chaco Chachalacaborder= Chestnut-bellied Guanborder= Chestnut-bellied Guanborder= Chestnut-bellied Guanborder=
Blue-throated Piping-Guanborder= Blue-throated Piping-Guanborder= Bare-faced Curassowborder= Bare-faced Curassowborder=
Pale-vented Pigeonborder= Little Cuckooborder= Great Potooborder= Gray-cowled Wood-Railborder=
Pied Lapwingborder= Southern Lapwingborder= Wattled Jacanaborder= Yellow-billed Ternborder=
Large-billed Ternborder= Large-billed Ternborder= Large-billed Ternborder= Black Skimmerborder=
Black Skimmerborder= Black Skimmerborder= Black Skimmerborder= Sunbitternborder=
Sunbitternborder= Sunbitternborder= Jabiruborder= Jabiruborder=
Jabiruborder= Jabiruborder= Jabiruborder= Jabiruborder=
Anhingaborder= Cocoi Heronborder= Cocoi Heronborder= Cocoi Heronborder=
Capped Heronborder= Capped Heronborder= Buff-necked Ibisborder= Buff-necked Ibisborder=
Black Vultureborder= Black Vultureborder= Black Vultureborder= Ospreyborder=
Crane Hawkborder= Great Black Hawkborder= Ringed Kingfisherborder= Ringed Kingfisherborder=
Ringed Kingfisherborder= Amazon Kingfisherborder= Toco Toucanborder= Toco Toucanborder=
Pale-legged Horneroborder= Pale-legged Horneroborder= Rusty-backed Spinetailborder= Rusty-backed Spinetailborder=
Cattle Tyrantborder= Great Kiskadeeborder= Black-capped Donacobiusborder= Unicolored Blackbirdborder=
Yellow-billed Cardinalborder=

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