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Country: Botswana
87 photographs of 76 species

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Egyptian Gooseborder= Hottentot Tealborder= Helmeted Guineafowlborder= Swainson's Francolinborder=
Laughing Doveborder= Emerald-spotted Wood-Doveborder= African Green-Pigeonborder= Double-banded Sandgrouseborder=
Kori Bustardborder= White-quilled Bustardborder= White-browed Coucalborder= Wattled Craneborder=
Water Thick-kneeborder= Pied Avocetborder= Kittlitz's Ploverborder= Three-banded Ploverborder=
Greater Painted-Snipeborder= Lesser Jacanaborder= Lesser Jacanaborder= African Jacanaborder=
Common Sandpiperborder= Double-banded Courserborder= Collared Pratincoleborder= Whiskered Ternborder=
African Openbillborder= Abdim's Storkborder= Saddle-billed Storkborder= Marabou Storkborder=
Yellow-billed Storkborder= African Darterborder= African Darterborder= Long-tailed Cormorantborder=
Hamerkopborder= Goliath Heronborder= Little Egretborder= Black Heronborder=
Black Heronborder= Squacco Heronborder= Striated Heronborder= Hadada Ibisborder=
African Spoonbillborder= Secretarybirdborder= Lappet-faced Vultureborder= Bateleurborder=
Shikraborder= African Fish-Eagleborder= African Scops-Owlborder= Southern White-faced Owlborder=
Pearl-spotted Owletborder= Green Woodhoopoeborder= Southern Ground-Hornbillborder= Southern Yellow-billed Hornbillborder=
Southern Yellow-billed Hornbillborder= Southern Yellow-billed Hornbillborder= Southern Red-billed Hornbillborder= Malachite Kingfisherborder=
Gray-headed Kingfisherborder= Gray-headed Kingfisherborder= Woodland Kingfisherborder= Pied Kingfisherborder=
Little Bee-eaterborder= Blue-cheeked Bee-eaterborder= Blue-cheeked Bee-eaterborder= European Bee-eaterborder=
Southern Carmine Bee-eaterborder= Southern Carmine Bee-eaterborder= Lilac-breasted Rollerborder= Bearded Woodpeckerborder=
Bennett's Woodpeckerborder= African Golden Orioleborder= Crimson-breasted Gonolekborder= Red-backed Shrikeborder=
Magpie Shrikeborder= Magpie Shrikeborder= White-crowned Shrikeborder= Luapula Cisticolaborder=
Red-billed Oxpeckerborder= Red-billed Oxpeckerborder= Yellow-billed Oxpeckerborder= Burchell's Starlingborder=
Mariqua Flycatcherborder= Mariqua Flycatcherborder= Southern Cordonbleuborder= Shaft-tailed Whydahborder=
Village Indigobirdborder= African Pied Wagtailborder= Cinnamon-breasted Buntingborder=

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