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Location: Bruny Island

Tasmanian Nativehenborder= Pied Oystercatcherborder= Pied Oystercatcherborder= Sooty Oystercatcherborder=
Sooty Oystercatcherborder= Hooded Ploverborder= Hooded Ploverborder= Pacific Gullborder=
Pacific Gullborder= Pacific Gullborder= Kelp Gullborder= Kelp Gullborder=
Kelp Gullborder= Little Penguinborder= Little Penguinborder= Little Penguinborder=
Short-tailed Shearwaterborder= Great Egretborder= Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatooborder= Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatooborder=
Green Rosellaborder= Green Rosellaborder= Superb Fairywrenborder= Superb Fairywrenborder=
Yellow Wattlebirdborder= New Holland Honeyeaterborder= New Holland Honeyeaterborder= Strong-billed Honeyeaterborder=
Forty-spotted Pardaloteborder=

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