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Country: Argentina
63 photographs of 54 species

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Southern Screamerborder= Black-necked Swanborder= Coscoroba Swanborder= Silver Tealborder=
Chilean Flamingoborder= Chilean Flamingoborder= White-tufted Grebeborder= Great Grebeborder=
Picazuro Pigeonborder= Spot-winged Pigeonborder= Guira Cuckooborder= Guira Cuckooborder=
Plumbeous Railborder= Gray-cowled Wood-Railborder= White-winged Cootborder= Snowy Sheathbillborder=
Snowy Sheathbillborder= Snowy Sheathbillborder= Southern Lapwingborder= Double-banded Ploverborder=
Wattled Jacanaborder= Brown-hooded Gullborder= Olrog's Gullborder= Snowy-crowned Ternborder=
Maguari Storkborder= Cocoi Heronborder= Whistling Heronborder= Long-winged Harrierborder=
Burrowing Owlborder= White Woodpeckerborder= Green-barred Woodpeckerborder= Campo Flickerborder=
Southern Caracaraborder= Chimango Caracaraborder= Chimango Caracaraborder= Aplomado Falconborder=
Monk Parakeetborder= Burrowing Parakeetborder= Burrowing Parakeetborder= Burrowing Parakeetborder=
Rufous Horneroborder= Rufous Horneroborder= Wren-like Rushbirdborder= Firewood-gathererborder=
Many-colored Rush Tyrantborder= Many-colored Rush Tyrantborder= White-crested Tyrannuletborder= Dark-faced Ground-Tyrantborder=
Cattle Tyrantborder= Great Kiskadeeborder= Masked Gnatcatcherborder= Chalk-browed Mockingbirdborder=
White-banded Mockingbirdborder= Rufous-bellied Thrushborder= Creamy-bellied Thrushborder= Hooded Siskinborder=
Long-tailed Meadowlarkborder= Grayish Baywingborder= Brown-and-yellow Marshbirdborder= Tropical Parulaborder=
Red-crested Cardinalborder= Yellow-billed Cardinalborder= Great Pampa-Finchborder=

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